General Principles





Base program

All lifts are 3×5 (three sets of five) except deadlifts. Progression is linear; increase lifts each week, for three weeks. Every fourth week, reduce lifts to 3×3 (same weights), and optionally reduce weight by 15%. This is required every fourth week, but can also be done anytime the volume is becoming onerous.

If a lift stalls out at any point, try cutting it to 3×3 at the same weight; if that fails, reduce weight by around 10% and work back up.

When more variety is desired, you may mix in other rep schemes, such as singles, doubles, triples, or sets of 8.

This is the longest of the recommended programs. If it takes too long, try shortening rest periods (you’ll get used to it). If it still takes too long, try one of the other programs.

Day 1

Day 2

Two-lift program

» Source: Based on ideas from Joshua Davis

Same general principles as the base program.

Day 1

Day 2

Blended program

Under this program, combine strength training workouts with the weightlifting workouts to create 4 days of both slow and fast lifts. Make sure you squat, press, pull, deadlift, and perform at least one Olympic lift every week.

There is no specific recommendation; if you try something that works well, pass it along.